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WOAH! What happened to you EASTBEAST?! Your animation skills SKYROCKETED. Jesus man you have become so freaking talented! I loved the storytelling, the smooth animation, the voices, music, EVERYTHING! It was Incredibly well executed. You need to continue these Majora's Mask animations. They are wonderful! Keep up the being awesome!

Eastbeast responds:

MasterMario! It's been years now I think haha since the old collabs. I've just been practicing ever since. I gotta say your stuff on deviant has been coming along b.a as well! I hope people on NG start making more Majora mask related works, or even seeing them move away from parodies would be exciting. Regards to you man : >


God Zack why are you such a cutie pie. You're cuter then that dragon. I love pick-pocketing to your videos

Really amazing!

This was incredibly well done! When I first saw the name I was like oh jesus more nyan cat stuff being frontpaged. I ignored it until now. I saw how popular it was and thought wow is it really that good of a nyan cat vide? I watched it and it was so beautifully animated, drawn, and put together. I mean wow that was brilliant! I loved the complete twist during the middle end. It eventually spiraled into madness which ironically made me laugh a lot. I found this video hilarious, amusing, wacky, and outstanding. You guys really outdid yourself. Great job!

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It kills me to give that score to one of my favorite games on the app store. I loved Paladog on the ipod. It was amazing! Now why am I not giving this version a 5 stars? Well for a few reasons. This version felt a teeny bit lazy. When I clicked the buttons or used my keyboard it was always delayed which obviously isn't very engaging. It was really laggy also. And I mean REALLY laggy. Theseproblems really took away from the engaging gameplay of the original. I'd love to see a Paladog 2 and see this refined a bit more. Keep it up guys, I see great things from you!

What can I say

Been playing it the second it came out and it is absolutely fantastic. You guys really put a lot of work and effort into this and it really shows! Fantastic! Keep up all the amazing work!


A year later and I still love this game to pieces. There's so much enjoyment to be had. It's such a simple concept with some great elements thrown in. I love the art style so much. It gives it such an innocent look but is really pleasant to look at. The music is so brilliant and goes perfect with this game. Even the story is nice. There isn't much to it but for what it's worth I like it. You guys really know how to make a game. This game is definitely in my top 5 favorite flash games of all time. Awesome job! Also I don't know why I waited a year later to write this review haha.

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Amazing! Keep up the great work!

i9incher responds:

haha I'll try to.


This was fantastic! What a great song! You really know how to make a catch and head pounding song. The bass and drums are so heavy but so damn good! Another fantastic song by you!

loved it!

I don't know why but it made me really happy :) this was an awesome song! It for some reason reminded me of Zelda Majora's mask XD. Anyway great job!!!

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This is incredible! Keep up the epic work!

Jaona responds:

Thanks 8)

Fantastic! Beautiful! Awesome! Great seeing new stuff from you again Jouste! This is totally beautiful! The movement is great, the line work is wonderful, the coloring and shading is BRILLIANT! Keep up the amazing work man! Really awesome :)

jouste responds:

always great hearing from you master mario! thanks for stopping by!


I love you for this. Holy crap everything about it is absolutely fantastic. You are incredibly talented! Not to mention this is probably my favorite game of all time next to contra 3! Keep up the fantastic work! It's brilliant!

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